Transport advantages 

40 cm after folding can save more than 80% of transport costs, which break the limitation that traditional container trucks can only load one set. After folding, one truck can be loaded 7-10 sets (17 meters flat car can be loaded 20 sets).

Export advantages

it is tailor-made for export and the 40 (feet) container can load 10 sets of container houses. Compare with other container houses, our products have fewer transportation expenses and save expensive manual installation costs. In addition, it also satisfies the quality inspection conditions of all customs, realizes on-site rapid installation and repeated use. Its service life is more than 15 years. All of these have been recognized and favored by international friends around the world.

Supply advantage

it has favorable conditions for cooperation with large customers and for customers with large demand and compact construction periods, folded containers are just in line with their needs. Folded containers are transported in batches and arrived quickly.

Safe and efficient

it is easy to install and saves time. Push the boards of front and rear end inward. The waist part can fold to middle. The installation personnel can enter the box to push outward. It is molding after one pull and can open for occupancy quickly, which is time-saving and labor-saving.

High sealing performance

The folding part can be seamlessly spliced with catching groove design, which can prevent wind and rain. The box frame is made of aluminium making it has simple appearance and high grade.

Structural stability

avoiding the defects caused by too many solder joints producing under traditional material splicing, such as large errors, rough, deformation, vulnerability, time-consuming, and so on. The China Yizhedie preferred high-grade galvanized steel of Tangshan Iron & Steel to realize the product’s one-step molding by using a high-frequency welder. Our production has no error, realizes the structure’s multi-faceted stress, and has high strength, simplifying the process, and labor cost saving.

Storage advantage

18 square meters of traditional containers can only store one set. However, the folded container can store more than 10 sets, which greatly saves storage space and site use costs.

Price advantages

our products are manufactured and produced by professional flow-line equipment. We cooperate with large steel enterprises on raw materials purchasing to reduce costs. Our profile structure simplifies the production process, which greatly reduces costs.